Anka Leśniak

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WORKS 2015


Photography – site-specific work

Punkty styczne /Contact points
Exhibition by doctoral candidates from the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk
NCK / St. John Centre, Gdansk

The title of the work Momento fruimur means "Let's enjoy the moment". The sentence is both the opposite to and complement of another better know sentence "Memento mori".

The work is a dialogue with a boroque work of art – the epitaph of Adelgunda – the beloved and prematurely deceased doughter of Zacharias Zappio - the generous donor of St. John's Church. Amongst the rich iconographic decoration of the epitaph there is a Putti angel resting his foot on a skull and dropping soap bubbles. The soap bubble was one of vanitas symbols refering to the fragility and transience of human life.

The Putti angel (Eros) is both frivolous and serious. Eros – the patron of what we call libido after Freud's lesson, tells us about the emotions and the sensual side of life. The iconographic content of the epitaph connects life and death, fleetingness and eternity. In space, there are nebulas which resemble giant soap bubbles. They lead our associations towards notions of eternity and infinity. In addition, an asteroid which resembles a skull can be seen in a NASA picture, as it passed the Earth on 31th October 2015...

Assistance in the implementation of the work:
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