Anka Leśniak

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WORKS 2011


the exhibition Save as Art
3th Art & Documentation Festival, Lodz

the exhibition Save as Art
Recent Art Gallery, Gorzow Wielkopolski

The starting point for the video recording and installation True Colours was a reproduction of Unistic Composition 10 by Wladysław Strzeminski. Watching the reproductions of different works, I have come to the conclusion that colour is difficult, if not impossible, to document correctly. Paradoxically however, most art especially of the older type is connected with painting, so knowledge about them is based on their reproductions.

In the project I want to investigate if a reproduction is a better information carrier about colour than a word. Are we likely to obtain a better image of colour subtleties by listening to a description rather than looking at a photo? The painting Unistic Composition 10 appeared to be good material to work on, as its colouring in each reproduction looks different. Seven art theoreticians and painters in the film try to bring to mind the colouring and the impressions they had while viewing the picture "live".