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WORKS 2006


the exhibition Binary City - Lodz - Warsaw


The project concerns the relationship between two Polish cities - Lodz and Warsaw. Lodz used to be an industrial powerbroker, but now struggles with the remnants of industrial landscape: emptied factories, crime and unemployment. Lodz is only 150 kilometers away from Warsaw, so many people decide to commute to work every day. Earnings on Warsaw are much higher, but living in Lodz much cheaper. This way of living, however, requires sacrifice.

In order to improve the living conditions of people who commute to work daily, I created an animated virtual city (Trans-warsaw Lodz) constructed of real buildings from Lodz and Warsaw, which is a compilation of both metropolises. The second level of the animation is a video showing a train going to an unknown direction (Warsaw or Lodz) in a loop. A spectator can click on a red object and get on the train. On the screen there appear real comments found on the Internet, of passengers who commute every day between Lodz and Warsaw.

see the work (only Polish verion)

This is work from 2005.Some links are not active now.

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