Anka Leśniak

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WORKS 2009


video '17 loop, 7 photographs 120 x 180 cm

Studio Gallery, Warsow
Blok Gallery, Lodz

stills from the video Top Models

photographs/digital print Top Models, 5 horizontal, 2 vertical photos

With my body painted and adopting the postures of women from the Old Masters' paintings, I tell the models' stories as if I was impersonating them. The tale is mostly based on invention and speculation, showing how little is known about the models, the "main actresses" of painted compositions.

The models do not give the name of the artists. The focus of these reflections are shifted. The artist is only a pretext for the tale about the heroine of the painting. Until now there were created: Danae, The Naked Maja, Venus of Urbino, Fornarina, The Source, Manao Tupapau, Venus with a Mirror.

The movie 'Top Models' refers to the tradition of a female nude, in which the artist impersonates the characters of women from famous paintings. In this case, however, they regain their voice, while being frozen in positions imposed on them centuries ago, they tell their stories and re-live again in the space of new media.

Karolina Jabłońska

other works from the series Her-story:

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